ANSI & ASME Pipe Flanges

CAB Incorporated maintains a significant inventory of ANSI/ASME pipe flanges and can manufacture your special requirements as needed. ANSI/ASME B16.5 and ASME B 16.47 flanges in carbon, stainless and alloy materials are available.

Other Forged Steel Flanges

In addition to standard ANSI and ASME flanges, CAB can supply forged steel flanges in carbon, stainless or alloys made to common industry standard dimensions, including Class 75, Class 175 and Class 350 pressure vessel flanges and Class 125 lightweight slip on flanges.

Custom pressure vessel flanges in carbon, stainless and alloys, built to our customers’ specification are a specialty of our manufacturing facility in Texas.

Some notes about ANSI, ASME and Other Forged Steel Flanges

Flange Materials

Forged Steel Flanges are normally furnished from materials conforming to ASTM A105 forged steel. A wide range of carbon and stainless materials are also available.

Flange Facing

Forged steel flanges are normally furnished raised face unless otherwise specified. Normal facing shall have a serrated finish of approximately 32 serrations per inch, approximately 1/64 inch deep. Other types of facing are also available upon request.

Drilling Templates

Drilling templates are in multiples of four so that fittings may be made to face any quarter. Bolt holes straddle the centerline and are drilled 1/8 inch larger in diameter than the diameter of the bolt. Edges of bolt holes shall be deburred.

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