Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Symbols

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The table below shows common symbols used to aid the user in understanding geometric dimensioning and tolerancing as per ASME Y14.5-2009. These symbols are used for specifying geometric characteristics and other dimensional requirements on engineering drawings. These geometric characteristic symbols, the tolerance value, and datum reference letters, (where applicable) are combined in a feature control frame to express a geometric tolerance.

1 FORM Straightness Straightness
2 Flatness Flatness
3 Circularity (Roundness) Circularity (Roundness)
4 Cylindricity Cylindricity
5 PROFILE Profile of a Line Profile of a Line
6 Profile of a Surface Profile of a Surface
7 ORIENTATION Angularity Angularity
8 Perpendicularity Perpendicularity
9 Parallelism Parallelism
10 LOCATION Position Position
11 Concentricity Concentricity
12 Symmetry Symmetry
13 RUNOUT Circular Runout Circular Runout
14 Total Runout Total Runout
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