Hydraulic Cylinder & Actuator Components

With extensive experience supplying more than 600 different components to the Hydraulic cylinder and Rotary Actuator industry, CAB has established itself as a supplier of choice in the industry. Product categories continue to grow and include cast, forged and machined Lugs, clevises, shafts, heads, glands, pistons and gears, forged and machined cylinder rods and valve blocks and fabricated cylinder housings. Products supplied by CAB serve end users in the mining, construction, aerial lift, and marine industries among others.

Our unique ability to offer forging and casting knowledge to help identify the best manufacturing process for a component, combined with our in-house engineering and design capabilities, has resulted in CAB's continued growth in this industry. CAB not only offers customers a cast or forged product, including precision machining, but we also provide fabrication to casting or forging conversion analysis as well as bar stock to casting or forging alternatives – all of which result in significant savings in product cost and lead time.

CAB's in-depth knowledge of material grades and availability as well as suitable equivalents helps provide our growing customer base with engineering alternatives that in turn allows them to pass on additional product features and cost saving potential to their end customers, including longer cylinder life, better wear characteristics etc.

CAB has an extensive network of established ISO certified suppliers in India, China and Vietnam whose primary equipment and processes are geared to the manufacture of cylinder components. This means that CAB can match the facility's production strengths and knowledge to our customers' needs. This, combined with our in-country quality engineers, allows us to offer our customer base the best low cost country solution that truly lowers overall "Total Cost of Ownership". These strengths have resulted in a 600% growth in revenues in product for this industry over the past 10 years.

Our full service warehouse and distribution facility, centrally located in Nacogdoches, Texas (2 hours north of Houston) further adds to our ability to support our customer needs. CAB services in Texas include warehousing and distribution, minimizing in-house inventories by offering a JIT delivery program, assembly, kitting and repackaging. We also offer US based incoming inspection and testing processes at our Texas facility, easing any lingering QA concerns typically associated with low cost country sourcing.  It's no wonder CAB is fast becoming the Number 1 desired source for Cylinder components.

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