Relentless Pursuit of Continuous Quality Improvement

CAB Management Commitment

CAB Incorporated's 30+ year successful track record of success is based on long term customer satisfaction and commitment to quality. A Key Differentiator that sets CAB apart is our significant investment in quality control.

Our experience has taught us that the best way to grow our business is to focus on tightly controlled quality controlled processes and attention to detail. Every employee and partner within the CAB network is fully engaged in this commitment, and stands behind our commitment to YOUR success.

Five Steps to Quality Results


During ramp up a CAB team, comprised of multiple experts, including Six Sigma certified team members, evaluates the risks involved in production of each part and develops methods to control quality during the manufacturing process. As part of the definition phase, the team works with the customer to define "Critical to Quality" (CTQ) characteristics, that have the most impact on quality and then increases control methods on those features.


As part of Statistical Process Control (SPC) efforts, CAB measures the results of a given process and determines the normal "mean" result, providing a benchmark against which future results are measured to determine when a process may be moving toward an "out of conformance" condition.


In the event of a change in results away from the mean, or an out of conformance condition, the team identifies why defects are generated by identifying the key variables that are most likely to create process variation and by conducting deep root cause analysis using 5 Why and 8D type exercises


The team confirms the key variables and quantifies their effects on the CTQs. It also identifies the maximum acceptable ranges of the key variables and validates a system for measuring deviations of the variables. The team modifies the process to stay within the acceptable range.


Tools are put in place to ensure that under the modified process the key variables remain within the maximum acceptable ranges over time in a repeatable closed loop process.

Partnership Factories Committed to Quality

CAB's on-site staff works closely with partner foundries to ensure the implementation of both our own and customers' quality control standards. Every CAB factory has gone through a rigorous CAB quality control acceptance (audit) process with on-going on-site inspections.

Together with our customers, we design specific quality control procedures for each project. We then apply overarching quality control governance with a variety of methods including:

  • Critical Success Factors - Scheduling, Capacity/Growth Planning, Risk Factors
  • Technical Specifications - Hardness, Chemical composition, Standard Mechanical properties, Dimensional, Charpy, Elongation, Hardenability etc.
  • Contingency Plans with qualified alternative factories to ensure your business continuity isn't negatively affected
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