Studies in CAB Excellence

As part of CAB Incorporated's mission of "Unsurpassed Excellence in Taking Care of our Customers", you will find a team of experts who know how to think outside of the box and get the job done.

Below are Links to a Few Case Studies and White Papers Demonstrating CAB's Broad Expertise

Case Studies:

White Papers:

    In addition to these case studies you'll find our exceptional excellence in:

    • Designing creative reusable/sustainable packaging solutions
    • Deep dives into root cause analysis pulling in experts across a variety of fields to create more bulletproof processes
    • Statistical Process Analysis tailored to the specific "Critical to Quality" issues for a given part.
    • Preparation of detailed Work Instructions in multiple languages and training of production, shipping and inspection staff on work instruction implementation.
    • Training of port personnel and trucking companies in specialized handling requirements of oversized product.
    • Design of "error proofing" processes and checkpoints throughout manufacturing to create "hard stops" in the event of non-conformance.
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