Value Proposition and Total Cost of Ownership

CAB's Value Proposition is About Lowering Your Total Cost of Ownership...

There is a cost involved in your supply chain... Whether it is a foreign or domestic supplier, you must gear up to train, ramp up, manage and control your suppliers from order to delivery.

By leveraging CAB Incorporated's worldwide team of experts in all types of iron and steel products, you can reduce your costs of quality, increase your supply chain reliability and reduce your risk. No one is more committed to keeping our customers happy than CAB. You will see that we don't just go the extra mile... we'll go the extra TEN THOUSAND miles to get the job done. Our mission is "Unsurpassed Excellence in Taking Care of our Customers".

Worried about warranty issues with overseas suppliers? With CAB as your wholesaler, you can count on us to honor your product warranty claims.

Don't want to deal with tying up your credit lines on international letters of credit? CAB handles the overseas financing and can help with inventory programs at our Texas facility.

Hate the long international trips to monitor suppliers? Drive down your costs by using CAB's on the ground team at supplier factories.

Do you want domestic manufacturing, processing or assembly? Let us craft a specific solution that meets your needs.

CAB Adds Value and Reduces Cost

  • Unsurpassed corporate commitment to product quality -- we stand behind EVERY product
  • Extensive error proofing, statistical process control and operator and equipment qualification
  • International Offices with engineering experts in China, India, Korea, South Africa, Vietnam and the United States
  • International Sourcing from China, India, Korea, Vietnam, South Africa and other countries
  • ISO and TS Certified Factories -- CAB certified partner foundries and forging mills worldwide
  • Competitive pricing and high quality - reducing Total Cost of Ownership
  • Professional, experienced International staff with on-site factory oversight
  • Extensive Quality Control Systems, tailored to our customers' needs
  • No letter of credit requirements (upon approval of credit)
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