Wind Tower Flanges & Components

CAB is the pre-eminent leader in the supply of wind tower flanges in the North American market.

When tubular towers were first designed in the 90s, CAB’s Texas facility was the “go to manufacturer” for large diameter flanges. It was a natural evolution for CAB to take the leading role in helping to transition the market from welded steel rings to seamless forged rings with much tighter tolerances, extensive product testing and increasingly strict quality requirements.

CAB has helped to transform the wind tower flange supply chain into a tightly controlled, high quality network of manufacturers capable of meeting the rapidly changing cyclical nature of the North American wind energy market.

Our engineers have deep experience in training, qualifying and monitoring supplier factories and we take pride in our ability to dramatically reduce our customers’ overall cost of quality and supply chain risk.

CAB has supplied more than 12,000 sets of wind tower flanges since 1997 and has a record for exceptional quality and delivery in the industry.

In addition to wind tower flanges, CAB can supply wind tower door frames and foundation template and embed rings welded, machined and drilled at our Nacogdoches, Texas facility. For more information or to request a quote from our highly professional team, please contact us today!

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